Vento: Call Venture Originator

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24 Oct 2021


Call Venture building Vento - Venture Originator.


We are looking for people with an unfair advantage, be it entrepreneurial or technical, who are eager to put their skin in the game.

We will assess individuals, so you do not need a team to apply and participate. If you have a team each one of you will have to apply individually and you will be assessed individually. 

PROGRAM (Feb-Jun 2022)

30 participants divided into 10 teams

We will select the 30 most brilliant minds to join Vento and create amazing teams. We will consider personality, hard and soft skills, background, and so on to make sure you are the best fit.

10 challenges one for each team

During the first week you’ll get to know all the cohort participants and deepen the challenges; teams will be formed from this moment on. Throughout the program there will be lectures and teamwork, with mentors, experts, and an office at your disposal.

Leading industry players will launch challenges coming from their direct experience. This way we will make sure that each team will have a validated problem to start from. 

4-months full-time program

Each team will go through a journey of research, design, test and implementation. Get ready for some crazy fast-paced rollercoaster of emotions, and then at the end of the ride your startup will take off.

By the end of the program each team will have developed an early stage startup, tested, ready to collect a seed round, complete with pitch and prototype.

Investor Day

Finally, you will pitch in front of the most prominent investors of the Italian ecosystem.

After 4 months of hard work, each team will have the chance to present what they have developed in front of VCs, angels, accelerators and so on. The goal is to be able to attract their interest and set up a follow up meeting in order to collect a seed round. Moreover, 250.000€ in grants will be provided by Compagnia di San Paolo to the most promising teams. Just in case you are wondering, we will never ask you any equity or success fee, we are a non-profit organization and our revenue is your success


Vento will be held in OGR Torino, the Startup Village of OGR Tehc.


Online Application

You are not applying for an ordinary job with us, so no CV needed. What matters to us is your real potential and attitude, fill in our 30-minutes form to get started.

Online Interviews

Step two: time for a quick chat. Join us online, we will talk about your motivation to participate, the skills you’d bring into your team and your personal moonshots.


It will be like living an entrepreneurial experience but sped up x100. Five days to find, develop and present an innovative idea. Prove what you’ve got.

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