Covid19, Europe between failures and supremacies

Credit: EEAS - European UnionThe clear inability of the European governments to face the crisis should lead to a rapid strengthening of the European Union for a unitary, coordinated and rapid management of health, economic and social emergencies. Having lost its digital and productive supremacy, Europe must not give up its cultural and civil supremacy.

Urban dimension and cohesion policy 2021-2027: what is at stake

Urban dimensionCities will play an ever more important role within the EU urban dimension and cohesion policy 2021-2027. But more cooperation will be required with Member states especially when it comes to concretely involve cities in the EU decision making process and to directly learn from cities’ experience on the ground.

> ESPON - seminar on territorial cohesion

Cultural Heritage Resilience Against Climate Change and Natural Hazards

Cultural Heritage - Photo credit: Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay The eBook "Cultural Heritage Resilience Against Climate Change and Natural Hazards. Methodologies, Procedures, Technologies and Policy improvements achieved by Horizon 2020 - 700191 STORM project" is edited by Vanni Resta, Andrei B. Utkin, Filipa M. Neto, and Charalampos Z. Patrikakis.

Horizon 2020 - a guide to intellectual property protection

EPO - Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Fourth Industrial Revolution The European Patent Office (EPO) study on "Patents and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)" reveals that European patent applications related to new technologies are rising rapidly.

Horizon 2020 - ERC Consolidator Grants, call 2018

Intellectual property - counterfeiting costs EUR 60 billion every year

Counterfeiting EuipoCounterfeiting causes a loss of EUR 60 billion each year in 13 economic sectors, according to a new research of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Intellectual property - event in Rome for innovation and creativity

Blockchain - from bitcoin to developing Countries

Blockchain If it's true that blockchain has the potential to transform the development sector, what are the conditions that will be required for this technology to scale up? It's to answer that question that World Bank recently launched a blockchain lab.

ADB - Study on Indonesian labor market and growth perspectives

Indonesia - Photo credit: Mr.TinDC on / CC BY-NDAsian Development Bank’s study "Indonesia: Enhancing Productivity through Quality Jobs" focuses on the Southeast Asian Country’s most pressing labor market challenges and policy options to achieve higher and more inclusive economic growth.

Vietnam - consultancy services in agri-business sector

Will artificial intelligence take work away from politicians too?

20180216 150338Work has always been central in economic science and in the third millennium, with robots and artificial intelligence that progress every day at speeds considered improbable until a few years ago, the topic is even more relevant.

The recent annual convention of YEPP - Youth of the European People's Party, an organization that represents the youth movements of 58 center-right parties in 39 European countries, got an opportunity to discuss about the future of jobs.

A blockchain to better spend EU funds after 2020

BlockchainSimplification, transparency and effectiveness are terms that often occur when it comes to public spending. The management of budgets is always extremely complex and European Union is not far behind, with all the transnational interventions it provides. Not to forget that only some of the Member States use the common currency, with further complications.

MEP Soledad Cabezón Ruiz: a budget of 120 billion for the new Horizon 2020

Soledad CABEZÓN RUIZ - © European Union 2017 - Source : EPMEP Soledad Cabezón Ruiz talked on the Report "Assessment of Horizon 2020 implementation", recently approved by the European Parliament.

Visibility of ESI Funds - MEP Daniel Buda Interview

Horizon 2020 - MERIL 2, map of EU research infrastructures

Visibility of ESI Funds - MEP Daniel Buda Interview

Daniel Buda - foto account FBThe European Parliament has just approved the report ‘Increasing engagement of partners and visibility in the performance of European Structural and Investment Funds.' We spoke with rapporteur Daniel Buda (Romani, EPP) about the EP strategy to improve the EFSI fund efficiency.

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