Clean Industrial Deal and Competitiveness Fund the new Priorities of von der Leyen

Copyright: © European Union 2024 - Source : EPA new “Clean Industrial Deal” within the first 100 days of the mandate to support the competitiveness of European businesses without compromising sustainability ambitions. Additionally, increased research spending, a new European Competitiveness Fund, Union of Savings and Investments, AI Factories, public procurement favoring European products, initiation of new IPCEIs, less bureaucracy, and risk absorption measures for venture capital. These are some of the main policy directions in economic development and competitiveness that will guide the new EU Commission over the next 5 years.

Call to bring the future to Europe's rural communities

person taking digital image of mountain. Credit: Mael Balland via unsplashLaunched on June 28, 2024, the Futural Open Call offers €1.2 million to support the development and implementation of innovative Smart Solutions, empowering rural communities across Europe to address key challenges and unlock their full potential.

Research and Innovation: The 27 EU Countries' Priorities for the Successor to Horizon Europe

Consiglio - Photo credit: Copyright: European UnionThe tenth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation will need to build on the legacy of Horizon 2020, as well as Horizon Europe, by expanding participation in calls, improving monitoring and evaluation of results, and promoting greater dissemination of research funded by European funds. 

MSCA calls continue to boost international research cooperation

researchers in chemistry lab. Credit: Edward Jenner via PexelDespite the many challenges facing the EU economy, EU investment in top-notch, cooperative doctoral research is not only being maintained, but is taking centre stage as a means to ensure the bloc's capacity to innovate in a competitive academic environment.

Getting lost on the road to EU Expansion

Flags of Europe at Palace of Europe. Credit: Bru-no via Pixabay.The history of the European Union, if anything, can be written in chapters - a winding road replete with growth, retraction, adversity and triumph. However, with some exceptions, the past two decades have perhaps been the most stable and peaceful period the continent has ever known.

New EU-New Zealand Trade Deal Opens Door for European Businesses

EU and NZ flags. Credit: adobestockThe new EU-New Zealand trade agreement that entered into force today ushers in a wealth of new export opportunities for EU businesses, producers, and farmers. The landmark deal is expected to cut €140 million per year in duties for European companies exporting to New Zealand.

Horizon Europe Funding Boost Fuels R & I Agenda

woman working in lab - credit to Jarmaluk via Pixabay 18-4-2024The European Commission has announced a significant amendment to the 2023-24 Work Programme of Horizon Europe, the EU's flagship research and innovation program. This update mobilises previously unallocated funding – adding nearly €1.4 billion to the 2024 budget – and totals nearly €7.3 billion. 

Commission approves €350 million German plan for renewable hydrogen

Image of lightbulb with plants growing out of it. Credit - Skyoverse via Pixabay In a significant show of support for the Green Transition, the European Commission has approved a €350 million German scheme to rapidly grow the production of renewable hydrogen.

EIT published a new call for Raw Materials

Photocredit: WikipediaA new € 10 million call for proposals has been launched by EIT RawMaterials, the Knowledge and Innovation Community of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which aims to support a secure and stable supply of raw materials in Europe by fostering innovation, education and entrepreneurship in European industrial ecosystems.

A quick but exhaustive Guide to EU Funds written by an artificial intelligence

EU Funding Guide by StableDiffusionXLThis guide has been written by an artificial intelligence model - I wouldn't say which one because it's not open source, and it could seem advertising - and was checked and a little edited by me. It's an experiment to understand how much AI could support the jobs of writers, editors, analysts and researchers. At the moment all the tests I have done show that AI can do only simple tasks, but if you really need to go deeper into specific matters to find solutions and understand how you can exploit significant opportunities, the human brain is still invaluable. This guide can be considered as a short travel on all the aspects of the EU Funds, useful for beginners and maybe also as a good checklist for the things that have to be done to get funded. It's worth to give a look and any feedbacks will be appreciated.

Global Gateway will support the new Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya

Photo Credit: Pexels - Narcisa AcikoDuring the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and President of Kenya Ruto launched the Green Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap for Kenya, supported by the Global Gateway, Europe's investment strategy for the world.

Global Gateway Strategy: 300 billion euros to build connectivity partnerships and boost trade and investment