Horizon 2020 - Euratom, Work programme 2016-2017


The European Commission published the Euratom Work programme 2016-2017

The Euratom Research and Training Programme (2014-18) complements Horizon 2020 in the field of nuclear research and training. Its aims to support nuclear research and training activities with an emphasis on continually improving nuclear safety and radiation protection.

The Work programme deals with Euratom indirect research actions in both fission and fusion. Compared to the Euratom Work programme 2014-2015, the fission part of Euratom Work Programme 2016-2017 places more emphasis on the long-term security of energy supply at EU level.

The Work programme foresees a call for proposals:

Call - Euratom fission 2016-2017

A - Support Safe Operation of Nuclear Systems

  • NFRP 1: Continually improving safety and reliability of Generation II and III reactors
  • NFRP 2: Research on safety of fast neutron Generation-IV reactors
  • NFRP 3: Investigating the safety of closed nuclear fuel cycle options and fuel developments
  • NFRP 4: Research on the safety of small modular reactors
  • NFRP 5: Materials research for Generation-IV reactors

B - Contribute to the Development of Solutions for the Management of Radioactive Waste

  • NFRP 6: Addressing key priority R&I issues for the first-of-the-kind geological repositories
  • NFRP 7: Research and innovation on the overall management of radioactive waste other than geological disposal
  • NFRP 8: Pan-European knowledge sharing and development of competence in radioactive waste management

C - Foster radiation protection

  • NFRP 9: Impacts of low dose radiation exposure

D - Management of research reactor availability in Europe

  • NFRP 10: Support for the optimised use of European research reactors
  • NFRP 11: Support for the EU security of supply of nuclear fuel for research reactors

E - Support the development of nuclear competences at EU level

  • NFRP 12: Support for careers in the nuclear field

F - Fission/fusion cross-cutting actions

  • NFRP 13: Fission/fusion cross-cutting research in the area of multi-scale materials modelling
  • NFRP 14: Cross-cutting support to improved knowledge on tritium management in fission and fusion facilities

There are also other actions, such as.

  • support for fission research & innovation (R&I) investment projects of pan-European relevance through the InnovFin instrument;
  • SOFT innovation prize.

The budget of the Work programme 2016-2017 is 126,7 million of euros (59,3 milioni di euro ffor 2016 and 67,4 million of euros for 2017).

Work programme 2016-2017

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